NewsEvent Rentals In Corona

Here at the Artist’s Collective we believe that every person’s event experience should be unique and exceptional. This is why we are taking event rentals in Corona to a new level. This means taking great care in curating your special day, to your specific palette. When we started the Collective, we wanted our venue to be a place that was an Enclave. A place where anyone can go and forget about the outside world and the troubles or static that goes on in the day today hustle and bustle. We try our very best to take great care and go to great lengths to ensure that every person feels welcome when they are inside the studio. Let’s face it, we’ve all been to event halls that are lackluster and uninspired.

These are great if you just want to visit with your friends and family. On the other hand if you want a tantalizing experience that you will never forget it is best to immerse yourself in a place where the architects have spent every waking hour laboring to make it a home away from home. There isn’t an event that we can think of that you would not be able to have inside our doors.

It is our mission to treat everyone as if they were a longtime friend. We are not just passionate about this because we have to be, we are passionate about it because it is part of our mission statement. Our whole business motto is people over profit! That’s why our rates are affordable and competitive compared to other event halls in the area. Dos Lagos is the perfect backdrop for us, with gorgeous lakes and scenic landscape. The fact that there are so many hotels nearby makes it ideal for anyone planning on visiting for the big event from out of town.

So if your looking for event rentals in Corona, come on down to the Artist’s Collective and lets start planning your next event. If you have come to hang out, you might find yourself relaxing on the couch, painting a picture and wondering why we haven’t asked you to pay or leave. The answer is that we want the community to have a place they feel at home and not pressured to purchase anything. A home away from home where you can create and be yourself and a part of something special. We love our community and we hope to see you soon!