NewsArt For Business

“Art is good for businesses” is not a sentence most of us probably have heard but it’s true! When you think about it art is all around you, it is of course on our walls, but it is also in the architecture of the buildings we drive past every day, in stores when we walk past new product displays, and even in our food when it is brought out and displayed to us for enjoyment. Art is everywhere and it is always good for business but it is not just for advertisement it is a culture.

When we take away the obvious art placement in business what are we left with? Community. The community that a company cultivates is extremely important not only for customers but also for employees. Why is it important? It gives everyone a sense of who you are and what you stand for, as well as creates long-term employees and customer bases. When employees feel connected to the company they work for their overall productivity and morale are better.

According to “Art in the workplace affects how the people within the environment feel about themselves and the company for which they work. Art opens minds, broadens horizons, challenges fixed mindsets and facilitates learning. Art raises motivation and increases productivity.” a company that fosters creativity and a healthy work environment is always more successful than a business that doesn’t hold the same values.

When we look at how we can all breed this type of culture in our workplace, art is always at the heart. Whether that’s going to take a company art class to improve teamwork and bonding or building an art collection to showcase that can not only benefit your business but the art community as well. We should all be using art to our advantage, especially in business. David Rockefeller who established the Business Committee for the Arts Inc. stated in his findings “The arts are essential to the quality of life in a community. The arts, along with educational institutions, health, and human services and housing, help make a community livable and an attractive place to live, visit and work.”

He also found “The arts are good for business. The arts offer opportunities to build customer and client relationships, enhance employee and community relations, and attract and retain employees. The arts also enhance economic vitality by purchasing goods and services and generating sales for other businesses.” Letting creativity flow in our workplaces and through our employees can only cultivate positivity. So to end, art is good for businesses. Make sure to check out our classes that are perfect for your company and we can even come to you and host it there!